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25 Outubro 2018

Dublin Jobs Fair

Onsite event (Dublin, Ireland)
Evento online
Are you a jobseeker looking for a career in Ireland or Europe? Are you an employer looking for candidates that may be out of your local reach? The Dublin European Job Day organised... Leia mais
07 - 08 Novembro 2018

Work in Flanders 2018 - Lecce

Onsite event (Lecce, Italy)
Evento online
WORK IN FLANDERS and enjoy it! Are you an Engineer or ICT professional based in Italy? Have you ever thought about Belgium / Flanders as a career destination? Flanders, one of the 3... Leia mais
16 Novembro 2018

Work in Estonia

Evento online
Work in Estonia online job day is all about the opportunity for you to meet the Estonian employers looking for skilled people and talk to EURES advisors about living in Estonia. Register for... Leia mais
20 Novembro 2018

New Career in Hungary

Evento online
„New Career in Hungary” European Online Job Day 20.11.2018 Explore the career possibilities in Hungary during the EURES Online Job Fair on the 20th November. The aim of this event is to connect... Leia mais
27 Novembro 2018

Work in Portugal!

Evento online
Have you ever wondered about what it would be like to work in Portugal? Looking for your place in the sun? Currently one of the most dynamic economies in Southern Europe, Portugal and... Leia mais