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31 Augusztus 2020

Work in Estonia

Online esemény
Do you want to 'release your potential’ with a job abroad? Work in Estonia is an online event to discover career opportunities in Estonia. Find out what Estonia can offer you! We are... Bővebben
01 szeptember 2020

Work in Lapland

Online esemény
Hello and welcome to Northern Finland and the Work in Lapland event! Finnish employers in the North, including Santa and his friends, are looking for help. There are opportunities not only within tourism... Bővebben
08 szeptember 2020

Do I.T. in Denmark

Online esemény
Welcome to our European Online Job Day - "Do I.T. in Denmark" on September 8th from 10:00 to 5:00 Denmark time (10 to 5 CET) Explore your IT career opportunities! Denmark can offer... Bővebben
01 Október 2020

Lithuania is waiting for you!

Online esemény
Lithuania is a beautiful country located at the geographical centre of Europe, covered by green forests and washed by the Baltic Sea. It is a country proud of the Lithuanian language and its... Bővebben
07 Október 2020

Make it in Germany 2020 - Take YOUR Chance!

Online esemény
Are you looking for a job in Germany? Do you need information about working and living in Germany and the application process? Save the date and visit our online event on 7 October... Bővebben
08 Október 2020


Online esemény
Elvesztette munkáját? Vagy kész váltani? Mit szólna ahhoz, hogy VISSZA A PÁLYÁRA? Találja meg következő munkahelyét online a VISSZA A PÁLYÁRA Magyar Állás Napon 2020. október 8-án 10:00 és 16:00 óra között. Online... Bővebben
28 Október 2020

Job and Career in Latvia

Online esemény
Welcome to our European Online Job Day - "Job and Career in Latvia" on October 28 th from 11:00 until 15:00 Latvian time (10:00 – 14:00 CET) Are you a jobseeker or looking... Bővebben
12 November 2020

UAlg Online Careers Fair 2020

Onsite event (Algarve, PORTUGAL)
Online esemény
The University of Algarve , together with IEFP/EURES Portugal , will be holding UAlg Online Careers Fair 2020 on November 12th. This is an opportunity for companies from all over Europe to meet... Bővebben
18 November 2020

Finland Works

Online esemény
Are you looking for new employment opportunities? Would you like to try a change of scenery? Are you a motivated professional or graduate in e.g. one of the following industries: HORECA, Healthcare, Construction... Bővebben
26 November 2020

Swedish Day

Online esemény
Sweden needs you, don’t miss this opportunity? This is your chance to take your career to the next level and challenge yourself to a new career path! Sweden are arranging an online recruitment... Bővebben