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30 Październik 2019

Work in Portugal 2019!

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Ever wondered about what it would be like to work in Portugal ? Looking for your place in the sun? Currently one of the most dynamic economies in Southern Europe, Portugal and its... Czytaj dalej
06 Listopad 2019

WANTED: skilled workers and executives for Germany, Austria and Luxembourg!

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Are you a skilled worker or executive looking for a job in Germany, Austria or Luxembourg ? The French employment service Pôle emploi welcomes you to the European Online Job Day, “WANTED: skilled... Czytaj dalej
13 Listopad 2019

Working in Gothenburg / West Sweden

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Welcome to our European Online Job Day that will take place on November 13th between 12:00-15:00 (CET). Gothenburg and West Sweden is developing fast full of innovations and progressing companies. Join us online... Czytaj dalej
14 Listopad 2019

Talent in Tech - Sophia Antipolis

Impreza na miejscu (Antibes Sophia Antipolis, France)
The Sophia Antipolis tech hub is located in the towns of Antibes, Valbonne, Mougins and Biot along the Côte d’Azur – French Riviera (Alpes Maritimes). Sophia Antipolis is the first European tech hub... Czytaj dalej
20 Listopad 2019

New Career in Hungary

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Do you want to live and work in the Wellspring Of Wonders? Come and discover Hungary! Find your career in the heart of Europe on „NEW CAREER IN HUNGARY” European Online Job Fair,... Czytaj dalej
25 Listopad 2019

EURES Italy for Employers’ Day 2019 - Special Edition for EURES 25th Anniversary

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The European Network of Public Employment Services (PES Network) has launched the fourth edition of Employer's Day , European initiative to foster cooperation between employers and Public Employment Services. From October to November,... Czytaj dalej
28 Listopad 2019

UAlg Online Careers Fair

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Algarve University , together with IEFP / EURES Portugal and EURES Cross-border Andalucía / Algarve , will be holding the first UAlg Online Careers Fair , on November 28th 2019 . This is... Czytaj dalej
04 Grudzień 2019


Impreza na miejscu (Madrid, Spain)
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Are you a Scandinavian or Baltic employer looking for qualified professionals? Spain is the perfect place to start your search. The Spanish labour market contains a large number of qualified professionals in fields... Czytaj dalej