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03 September 2019

Work in Lapland

Come and help Santa and friends make a winter wonderland for visitors to Lapland! Join us for Work in Lapland recruitment event for the coming winter season. Come join us on September the... Erfahren Sie mehr
26 September 2019

Job and Career in Latvia 2019

Welcome to our European Online Job Day - “Job and Career in Latvia 2019”. Are you looking for a job in Latvia? Are you a Latvian employer who is looking for qualified employees... Erfahren Sie mehr
09 Oktober 2019

Finland Works

Finland Works! Take the opportunity to experience the quality of life in Finland. Stability, security and functionality form the basis of everyday life in Finland. That’s why – Finland Works! During the Finland... Erfahren Sie mehr
15 - 16 Oktober 2019

Work In Flanders 2019 - Porto

Präsenzveranstaltung (Porto, Portugal)
Are you a Pro in Engineering? Do you have an experienced background in Maintenance, Construction, IT, Robotics…? Based in Portugal now? Ever thought about Belgium – Flanders as a career destination? Flanders, one... Erfahren Sie mehr
23 Oktober 2019

Enter Estonia

In Estonia, clean and untouched nature co-exists with the world’s most digitally advanced society. It is a place for independent minds where bright ideas meet a can-do spirit. Estonia is one of Europe’s... Erfahren Sie mehr
20 November 2019

New career in Hungary

Do you want to live and work in the Wellspring Of Wonders? Come and discover Hungary! Find your career in the heart of Europe on „NEW CAREER IN HUNGARY” European Online Job Fair,... Erfahren Sie mehr