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28 Februar 2020

WORK IN BERLIN - Jobs In The Booming Online Industry

Welcome to “Work in Berlin” - Jobs in the Booming Online Industry! This event will take place online only, on 28 February 2020, from 11:00 to 16:00 (CET). Would you like to know... Erfahren Sie mehr
02 März 2020

Careers in Ireland 2020

Präsenzveranstaltung (Dublin, Ireland)
Welcome to ‘Careers in Ireland 2020’ European Online Job Day Intreo Careers Fair, Dublin Castle, 2 nd March 2020 Are you a jobseeker looking for a career in Ireland? The Irish economy is... Erfahren Sie mehr
11 März 2020

Finland - Norway - Sweden Day

North is calling - are you listening? This is your chance to take your career to the next level and challenge yourself to a new career path! Give the north a chance. Finland,... Erfahren Sie mehr
25 März 2020

Make it in Germany 2020

Welcome to our European Online Job Day "Make it in Germany - Take YOUR Chance!" 2020 At our online event, we will provide European jobseekers with helpful information about “Working & Living in... Erfahren Sie mehr