Job summary

From April 2022 we've created jobs in petrochemical industry (general industrial electroinstallations work), located mostly in the northern Netherlands (Groningen) and also in the area of Apeldoorn in the high-tech production facility (switchboards, some mechanical work) and in Hengelo (switchboards made for industrial machinery).

What is important for a candidate? 

Being capable of doing the job on their own, idependently, speaking English or German or Dutch language at the A2 level (or higher), SCC or a VCA safety certificate (can be arranged in your homecountry within a few working days). There are different levels of difficulty of each project, based on that we set salaries, either for a Dutch work contract or a self employed licence (based in any EU country).

Working time starts with 173 hours a month, overtimes are possible to arrange based on current needs of every project after a consultation with a projectleader.

We offer:

Dutch working contract - following NBBU standards

from 570Eur netto weekly for 40hours, holiday money 110Eur monthly, contribution to healthcare payment 75Eur monthly, altogether 2640Eur monthly netto for basic working hours, holidays every 5weeks 1week home (possibility to adjust), accommodation with SNF certification and a certain standard of quality, health insurance covered, all the other payments to Dutch social and tax system covered. There's a coordinator and help present and on the phone for you.

For self employed

from 26Eur/hr - based on skills, weekly invoicing, two weeks due payments, if you use our accommodation, then we charge you 160Eur for every week you work


Job details
Work experience:
Work experience is required
Duration of work experience:
Up to 2 years
Language skills:
  • Dutch
  • Fair
  • English
  • Fair
  • German
  • Fair
Number of positions:
Date of expiry:
About company

Everything we do, we do with belief that a serious client deserves employees which are a real benefit to the company. After 13 years experience on the Netherlands market, we understand that it's not just personality, motivation, and attitude that are the standout traits to look for during a hiring process. Therefore when screening new hires and meeting new clients, we are not only guided by our minds but also by our hearts and intuition... Read more