Everything we do, we do with belief that a serious client deserves employees which are a real benefit to the company. After 13 years experience on the Netherlands market, we understand that it's not just personality, motivation, and attitude that are the standout traits to look for during a hiring process. Therefore when screening new hires and meeting new clients, we are not only guided by our minds but also by our hearts and intuition. We are a dutch agency, highly skilled in talent acquisition and staffing of certified professionals in CNC, Metal, Installations, and Electro sectors mainly in the Netherlands. At Fareon, our focus is on stable  projects, paid accommodation, comfortable salary & outstanding customer care. Our 200 employees and over 50 clients appreciate Fareon's vision, authenticity and fair play. Their satisfaction tells us that connecting quality employees with quality employers is the right way to success.

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Fareon-Z Nederland B.V.
Lange Amerikaweg 67, 7332 BP Apeldoorn,

ph: +31-552034101

mail: info@fareon.nl


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