Dear Exhibitor - In order to participate in one-to-one chats and/or calls during a live online event, you need a valid Skype account (not Skype for Business!). You can provide your Skype ID when you go to ‘Edit my organisation’ in your Dashboard.
Once provided, your organisation’s profile will be listed in the ‘CHAT WITH EXHIBITORS’ section during the live event. It is important that you are logged in to your Skype account so that jobseekers can easily reach you. (Please also check this link)

Dear Jobseeker - in order to chat with the companies via Skype during the live event please make sure you have Skype installed on your device (web-Skype will not work). Simply go to CHAT WITH EXHIBITORS button which will open your Skype so you can start the conversation. You can provide your Skype ID when you go to Profile Settings.

Please note that some companies may not be available the whole day in the event timeframes. If the company for some reasons is not available for chat, please use the contact details the company provides within the profile to get in touch. You can also use the Express Interest button available for each company within the event with published vacancies.

Job Interviews:  Dear Jobseeker, please make sure your Skype ID is provided within your profile and you are logged in and active. To add Skype ID please go to profile settings and add the ID in “Contact options”. The company representatives will contact you on time agreed on the basis of the scheduling system.