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Globaltronic is an electronic SME working on the following areas: Energy efficiency, general electronics, telecommunications and Smart cities. With a multidisciplinary team, specialized in the development of integrated electronics with hardware, firmware, software and prototyping, able to offer a complete and personalized service, from the process of creation and conception to the final product. To ensure a high-quality standards, all the development cycle, from the product design to its industrialization is constantly monitored.
Globaltronic delivers tailored services in the development of custom electronics, aimed specifically at the design of hardware, firmware and software. The company attained the certification NP EN ISO 9001:2008 on 2011 and 2016. In 2016, Globaltronic was certified according the ITMARK achieving one of the best results in Portugal for this certification.
Presently, Globaltronic has installed over 10K intelligent LED lamps, for public illumination and efficient energy consumption, all configured as a MESH network. The focus, in this area, is to manage an advanced RF MESH Network for Data acquisition and provide sustainable services to companies and citizens, in urban, industrial and rural environment.
Over the last year, a very strong focus, has being placed in precision agriculture, specially because, many of the implemented infrastructures belong to city halls with a strong rural presence, covering over 70% af the all area.


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