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FINDE.U Virtual University International Job Fair
09 - 10 April 2019
Online event


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10 April 2019

Nearly 1900 vacant positions waiting for you today!!!

Our more than 120 exhibitors have posted nearly 500 job / traineeship / research / voluntary work different opportunities for you, with ca. 1900 vacant positions, to which you can apply (if matching the requirements & if these meet your expectations).

Vacancies cover such different areas as:

  • Healthcare (Pharmacy; Medicine – general practice & specializations)
  • Engineering (Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrotechnical, Electronics, Telecom, Automation, Machine, Robotics, Aeronautics, Automotive, Computer, Chemical, Polymer, Materials, Biomedics, Industrial Management)
  • IT (Web and Software Developers & Programmers)
  • Economics, Management, Finance, Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Maths, Physics, Statistics
  • (Digital) Marketing and Communication, Multimedia and Design
  • Law
  • Human Resources, Psychology
  • Hospitality and Catering
  • Tourist Entertainers
  • Translation – Interpretation, English Language Teachers
  • Health Insurance Management
  • Customer Service and BPO - Business Process Outsourcing

Many different language skills are also being looked after... so why not take a look and... APPLY TODAY?

Maybe you'll still get the chance of having an interview before the end of the day!!!

30 March 2019

The draft Programme is already online!

A first version of the Programme is already online!

On 9-10 April, from 10:30 til 15:00 CEST, you will have an Agenda filled in with presentations focusing on:

  • tools and techniques aimed at supporting you in your job search;
  • employability skills you should try to develop;
  • entrepreneurship, research, traineeship, voluntary work and mobility programmes / targeted mobility schemes;
  • how to look for / apply for a job, living and working conditions in different European countries.

INTERESTED? Why not take a look right now?

Select the ones of interest to you and take some time on the days to follow and participate, asking your questions on the Open Chat.

The Agenda may have a few updates up until April 4th.

30 March 2019

Nearly 900 vacant jobs / traineeships to which you can apply!

Almost 900 vacant job / traineeship positions, for ca. 160 different profiles, are already on offer waiting for you to apply!

You have job and traineeship vacancies for many different areas: healthcare (pharmacy and medicine), engineering, IT, economics, management & finance, maths & statistics, (digital) marketing and communication, multimedia & design, law, tourism, hospitality & catering, customer service & BPO (business process outsourcing), among others.

Make your own searches NOW and apply to those jobs matching your skills & expectations.

You might get the chance to have an online interview on the days.

30 March 2019

Already more than 100 exhibitors waiting for you!

Did you realize we already have more than 100 exhibitors waiting for you, on 9-10 April?

  • 80 companies, mostly from Portugal and Spain, but also from Ireland, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Croatia and Greece; 
  • several info points about research possibilities, international traineeships, entrepreneurship, voluntary work, language learning, among others;
  • at least 8 EURES services providing you with information about how to find and apply for a job, living and working in these countries.

Take a look at the participating exhibitors RIGHT NOW!

Which ones would you like to chat to on the days?