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FINDE.U - Virtual University International Job Fair
16 - 18 April 2018
Online event


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8 April 2018

More than 770 positions are already available for you to go through...

There's one week to go before FINDE.U "opens" its virtual doors, on April 16th!

But if you want to take advantage of this opportunity and maybe find your next job, you should now start looking for the job, traineeship and research vacancies already posted and - if they are a good match to your profile - maybe apply to some of them ASAP.

There are now more than 280 different opportunities posted, corresponding to more than 770 positions.

You can find vacancies within:

  • healthcare (nursing, medicine - general pratice, psichiatry, dentistry, phisiotherapy, radiology, reumatology; pharmacy; veterinary), 
  • engineering, IT, telecom, 
  • accountancy, management and finance, marketing, insurance, real estate, 
  • (e-)commerce, logistics and purchases, procurement, 
  • quality management, 
  • customer service and BPO - business process outsourcing, 
  • hospitality and catering, 
  • law, 
  • translation, 
  • moulds industry, 
  • human resources, psichology,

among others.

Apply ASAP!

Some video tips on how you can do it

Maybe you'll get invited for an interview.


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