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Veterinarian in the Netherlands

by:  Vetwork B.V.

The job offer is available for the following event:

The Dutch love animals! 

With all of us (17 million inhabitants), we keep more than 32 million pets. A large part of them are dogs and cats, but birds, fish and rodents are also well represented. For these animals, there are approximately 4000 veterinarians at work.

The Netherlands is also a real farm country. Around 18 million larger livestock animals (cows, sheep and goats, pigs and horses) graze here. The number of poultry animals (chickens, turkeys, ducks) far exceeds this: around 107 million altogether. For these farm animals, 3000 veterinarians are available.

In addition to animals, the Dutch also love acquiring knowledge and technological developments. And Dutch veterinarians reap the benefits of this. Almost all our clinics are equipped with the most modern examination and treatment equipment. Moreover, the medical and practical knowledge among our veterinarians is very high.

So everything is well arranged for animals and vets here in the Netherlands. However, there are still more animals that need help than there are vets. That is why we are looking for you!

We have various positions available for you:

  • Veterinarian companion animals;
  • Veterinarian farm animals;
  • Emergency vet;
  • 2nd line surgery.

Basically there are only four requirements; 

  • You're an experienced and certified vet;
  • Your command of the English language is at least advanced (B1/B2 or higher on the CEFR scale);
  • You love animals;
  • Living/working in the Netherlands sounds like a lot of fun to you.

The working conditions in the Netherlands are excellent (protected by Dutch law). Of course, we take care of things like housing and we will support you when needed.

Want to know more about this great opportunity? Visit our digital stand, or send us an email ( Of course, you can also leave a message on our website.