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Medical doctor - Clinical Biochemistry

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This offer has expired

You can not apply any more to this job offer. Please go to the list of all available jobs to find a still valid offer.

The job offer is available for the following event:

Consultant/registered medical specialist for the Clinical Biochemistry Department, North Denmark Regional Hospital

Do you, as a doctor, attach importance to a high professional standard in the field of clinical biochemistry? Do you want to help develop the clinical biochemistry specialisation at North Denmark Regional Hospital in Hjørring and Thisted? If so, send us your application as soon as possible.

We are looking for a medical specialist who:

  • is a medical specialist in clinical biochemistry with a keen interest in developing the specialisation

  • has excellent professional qualifications

  • is keen to work at two locations, with all the challenges that involves

  • has excellent teamwork skills

  • is ready to relocate to Denmark and learn the language

We can offer:

  • flexible working arrangements, taking account of the workplace and your wishes

  • a good working environment

  • a friendly and sociable team of co-workers

  • professional challenges, with opportunities for research

  • Permanent, full time position with an attractive payment

  • Danish language course in Denmark with full payment

  • Assist your partner with job search

About us:
The Clinical Biochemistry Department at North Denmark Regional Hospital in Thisted performs about 1.5 million analyses each year.
The Clinical Biochemistry Department at North Denmark Regional Hospital in Hjørring performs about 3.6 million analyses each year. The department in Hjørring specialises in substance-abuse analyses and medication analyses.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Providing medical advice within the clinical biochemistry specialisation at the hospitals and to the practising doctors

  • Participating in quality-assurance and quality-development work. The Clinical Biochemistry Department at North Denmark Regional Hospital in Hjørring is accredited under ISO 15159

  • Contributing to research activities

  • < >articipating in staff training< >orming relevant collaborative relationships with both internal and external partners

    Good work/life balance. We offer a 37-hour working week, a generous pay package and 5 weeks paid annual holiday.

  • Although taxes are high in Denmark, so are the salaries, which means your take-home pay will still be more than you would make in most other European countries. Typically, your starting salary as a medical specialist will be around DKK 50,000 + an attractive pension pr. month before tax. After tax, you can expect to receive approx. DKK 30,000 + pension.

  • You will receive full salary from day one, even though you will be spending most of your time learning Danish for the first few months.

  • Continuing education – as a doctor you are entitled to annual, employer-funded continuing education. There are also good opportunities for sub-specialisation in cooperation with the region’s university hospital in Aalborg.

  • Research. We do not consider research to be an optional extra, but something all our medical specialists are expected to engage in.

  • Housing: You can rent low-cost housing through the hospital, or we can help you find a place to rent or buy in the private market.

  • Relocation: We will help you and your family with practical matters and support your integration into the local community. If relevant, we will also do what we can to help your spouse find work.

  • You will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy North Denmark’s beautiful scenery. The tip of Denmark’s Jutland peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides. The unique quality of light that this creates is celebrated in the works of the world-famous Skagen Painters of the late 19th century. Northern Jutland is also famous for its excellent surfing conditions at Cold Hawaii, and for its rich bird life. Northern Jutland is, quite simply, a great place to pursue outdoor activities, whether you enjoy white, sandy beaches, mountain biking, kitesurfing or something else entirely. For more information please visit:

  • North Denmark has a varied and flourishing cultural life, with museums, cultural centres, concert venues and a wealth of arts and crafts producers. The public libraries are free of charge and open to everyone. In addition to lending out books of all kinds, they stage a wide range of interesting talks and organise a whole host of events for children.

How to apply

Please send your detailed application documents (curriculum vitae, formal recognition as a medical specialist and other relevant documents which reflect your professional career) along with a motivation letter to the following email address asap and no later than april 1st 2017

We will then contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Claus Bang Møller, email, telephone +45 72 22 33 81

What happens if I am interested in the job?

  • If both parties are interested in taking your application to the next step, we will invite you and your spouse on a short trip to Denmark to visit the hospital and its surroundings. On the trip, you will be able to look at different types of housing, visit childcare facilities or schools and get a better picture of life and work in Denmark.

  • If after the visit both parties are still interested in continuing the relationship we will agree employment terms and draw up a contract.

  • Typically, you will be able to start working in Denmark as soon as you are able to move you and your family to Denmark, and you have been formally approved by the Danish health authorities.

  • If you do not have any Danish language skills, you will spend the first few months learning Danish. Typically, you will start by learning Danish 80-90% of the time and working 10-20% of the time. As you begin to master the language, you will be working more, and having fewer Danish lessons. We expect that after 3-6 months you will be fluent enough to cut the Danish lessons down to nothing or nearly nothing. You will receive full pay throughout the entire period.

We are now looking for medical practitioners specialising in the following areas:

  • Surgery (abdominal surgery)

  • Paediatrics

  • Emergency medicine

  • Cardiology

  • Endocrinology

  • Radiology

  • Clinical Biochemistry

  • North Denmark Regional Hospital – for a wide range of medical services and excellent quality of care

    North Denmark Regional Hospital is a combined hospital made up of facilities in five towns. We operate two acute hospitals, in Hjørring and Thisted, and one hospital providing medical care and elective surgery in Frederikshavn. Neurological rehabilitation services are provided by Neuroenhed Nord at locations in Frederikshavn and Brønderslev, while Skagen Gigt- og Rygcenter provides rehabilitation for patients with arthritis and back pain.

    We are able to provide the vast majority of hospital treatments required by patients in our local area – and we are constantly developing our capabilities in the areas of investigation, treatment and care, so that we are always among the best-performing hospitals for the specialisations we cover.

    We aim to be at the forefront of medical advances. For that reason, we have our own research unit and work closely with Aalborg University Hospital, the region’s main centre for teaching and medical research.

    Our goal is to be attentive to and support the needs and wishes of patients and their families.

    We are a flexible employer that sees you as both a colleague and a person. We know that you can perform at the highest level only if you enjoy your work and your workplace.

    Facts about North Denmark Regional Hospital: Budget (2016):  DKK 1.4 billion

    Hospital activity in 2016 (expected): 39,137 admissions

    258,884 outpatient appointments

    No. of employees (as at 31 December 2016): 2,923

    No. of beds (as at 31 December 2016): 381

  • The Danish health care system

  • Denmark is divided into five regions. They are in charge of running hospitals and (through collective agreements) managing the general practitioner system. The local government is in charge of providing prevention and healthcare services to the public. Hospital treatment is free of charge for residents in any region of Denmark, and emergency treatment is available to any person in need. You find further information about the Danish healthcare system at Wikipedia > Healthcare in Denmark.


This job has expired