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Internship in Communication

by:  Università Popolare Anidra

This offer has expired

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Università Popolare Anidra is looking for a candidate for a curricular internship to manage the image of the project in order to increase presence in the media and popularity in general. In particular, the trainee will promote a Web Community TV for holistic training.
The internship will be carried out in Smart Working.

In particular, the trainee will contribute to the management of the virtual community, planning the advertising campaign and coordinating the activities together with the Marketing Manager.
This figure will create and take care of the content shared on social media, blogs and sites.
He or she will carry out marketing, branding and advertising activities in order to improve the brand image and increase the satisfaction of the participants.

The tasks can be carried out beyond regular office hours as availability for prompt interaction with the public is required in order to answer questions and any complaints.


The trainee will be responsible for devising strategies and designing campaigns that help the Anidra holistic training Web Community TV maintain and improve its reputation and credibility, monitoring media coverage and using different communication and social media channels to promote image and brand.

He or she will assist in the development and execution of all marketing and advertising strategies. The trainee will find people in the media who participate in Web Community TV courses, seminars, events and conferences, managing the interactions between the Community and the participants and will supervise all users' online communications.
He or she will promote a sense of community around the brand, building relationships with the community, measuring the level of interaction.
He or she will involve fans and followers by interacting with them, answering questions, comments and requests from participants in a timely manner, collecting information from other departments when necessary.
He or she will monitor user interactions such as likes, comments and shares.
He or she will collect feedback from participants and ensure that the appropriate departments handle their requests.
He or she will help to clarify the brand's point of view through declarations and interviews.
He or she will identify opportunities for collaboration with influential partners in the sector and identify potential markets and competitors.
He or she will establish strategic relationships and partnerships.
He or she will participate in networking and media events, as well as meetings with teachers and online participants, suppliers and partner organizations to discuss the different aspects of the campaigns.
The trainee will have to prevent or respond to negative media coverage.
He or she will keep an updated list by collecting and modifying contact information.
He or she will monitor and analyze the campaigns to ensure that they are in line with the pre- established strategies, and will ensure that the shared content is consistent with the pre-established strategies of the brand.
He or she will monitor and report activity on social media.

He or she will prepare detailed weekly and monthly reports on social media and campaign activity. He or she will keep up to date on the tools related to social media and the most current practices, as well as trends, which it will monitor to identify the changes applicable to the product, brand or service, to develop new ones.

He or she will observe the competitive campaigns and their impact, keeping up to date on market trends and requirements, to ensure that every strategy applied is in step with the times.
He or she will research, analyze and synthesize market trends.
He or she will create relevant and engaging content.

He or she will write concise texts for publication in different formats.
He or she will propose ideas, advice and plans to contribute to the optimization of marketing strategies.
He or she will plan promotional presentations.
He or she will monitor and maintain the inventory of promotional materials when necessary.
He or she will define the target audience to which the Community services will be sold.
He or she will collaborate with different areas with the aim of developing strategies to attract new consumers.
He or she will prepare media kits.

The Profile:

The candidate must have a strong sense of creativity, intuition, positive attitude and strong spirit of initiative.
Tactical understanding of all main social media platforms and digital analysis.
Interpersonal and communication skills and public speaking skills: communicate clearly, both in oral and written form.

He or she must know how to cultivate and maintain strong ties with the media.
Being able to relate to a diverse group of people in situations of potential antagonism using a calm, courteous, discreet and effective approach.
Having a friendly and sociable personality in order to establish positive interactions with followers. Knowing how to stay calm in interacting with angry or aggressive followers.
Customer service skills to anticipate customer needs and develop customized strategies for interacting with them.
Knowing how to work in a team.
Be multitasking.
Be reliable enough to handle sensitive and confidential information.
Impeccable language and spelling skills.
Excellent organizational and time management skills.
He or she must be able to motivate himself and others to achieve results and exceed goals.


Possible job placement after the results obtained and starting from the third month. Initial 4-day coaching with online and / or on-site course with board and lodging. Recruitment after verification of the acquisition of skills and effectiveness of the job.

SMART Working internet home station.

The Company:

Università Popolare Anidra, active in Liguria (Borzonasca) and other locations in Italy since 1997, is the Decentralized Territorial Headquarters of the CNUPI, National Confederation of Italian People's Universities, a qualified body accredited by MIUR.
Università Popolare Anidra has a holistic perspective of education as it considers the person in the completeness of his/her being, for this it focuses the work on the whole field of experience: body, mind, emotions, relationships, nature, individual and team work. The belief that "being is more important than knowing" drives Anidra to consider training as a "place" of continuous learning where skills are measured and valued for a better expendability in working environments and everyday life. The macro-training areas of our holistic university include: Art and Craftsmanship, Natural Nutrition, Environment and Territory, Holistic Wellness, Communication, Certified Training for school staff, Yoga for children and schools, Sports and Physical Activities.

To apply:
Send a cover letter and your CV in Europass format to the email address

This job has expired