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Short overview of the labour market :



Electrical, Electronic, Automation, Mechanical,

Chemical/Process, Software.

Experienced within sustainable energy, underground construction, off-shore, food and beverage industry, robotics, sound/audio, metallurgy, hydraulic, composite and more.


General Practitioner, Psychiatry, Radiology, Urology, Cardiology, Pulmonary Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Gastroenterology, Clinical Biochemistry, Endocrinology, Pathology, Pediatric and other specialties


Software development, Web development, Implementation, Consultancy, System Operation & Administration

.NET, C#, C++, Java, SAP, ERP and many more.


Regulatory Affairs, Chemistry, Immunology, Dairy/Food Technology, Molecular Biology, PhD &Post-Doc researchers for Universities and Research Centres, QA, QC, GMP, HVAC, Purification, Process support, Validation, Automation, Mechanical


Workindenmark is a public employment service for highly qualified international candidates looking for a job in Denmark, and forDanish companies searching for talented foreign employees.

Workindenmark assists Danish companies in finding highly qualified foreign candidates and helps foreign jobseekers in finding work and establish a working life in Denmark.

We do this by:

  • assisting Danish companies in recruiting highly qualified candidates;
  • assisting highly qualified jobseekers in finding a job in Denmark;
  • providing assistance for approaching the Danish authorities (International Citizen Service);
  • providing information and guidance about living and working conditions in Denmark.


Our three Workindenmark centres, placed in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus, offer a series of recruitment services to employers and information and guidance to jobseekers living and working in Denmark.


ICS (International Citizen Service):

International Citizen Service is a nationwide service for foreign employees and Danish Companies and Workindenmark are part of this.

All the authorities a foreign employee typically needs to contact are represented at International Citizen Service in Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense. So in most cases a foreign employee and his/her family only need to visit International Citizen Service in order to get the paperwork done and find answers to possible questions.

International Citizen Service offers foreign employees, job seekers and their families:

Help with the paperwork:
· Residence and work permit for non EU citizens
· Registration certificate for EU citizens
· Tax card
· Social security number (CPR)
· Medical card

Personal guidance on:
· Job seeking in Denmark
· Finding a job for your partner
· Student jobs for international students
· Danish courses
· The Danish tax system
· Registration of foreign vehicles

Useful information about:
· Living and working conditions in Denmark
· Authorisation and approval of professional qualifications for regulated professions
· Danish driver’s license
· Study and career counselling
· Accommodation
· Schooling
· Day care for children
· Network and social activities in your area

For further information, please see:

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Klaus working as a GP in Southern Denmark

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