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Web Architectures and Technologies is a digital consultancy that delivers high spec web solutions, using agile processes and open source technology. Our highly skilled team is adept in all aspects of web creation, allowing us to utilize the best technologies for your project. We can manage all of the aspects of web creation, from the configuration of the servers, to ensuring that the user interface is excellent. Our wealth of technical expertise allows us to ensure optimization of the web applications throughout a project which creates fast, efficient sites. Having worked on a wide range of projects with the European Commission, we provide a specialist expertise in multilingual websites as well as geomapping and data-driven sites. In terms of web architecture, we provide clean, functional, aesthetic design and interfaces. Depending on requirements however, we can create additional layers of complexity to the design in order to suit your needs. Our development utilizes various open source tools and technology. Drupal is typically our weapon of choice, with Jquery for the front-end and Debian / Ubuntu on the server-side. This configuration is reliable, robust and powerful, allowing us to develop and edit high performance sites quickly without sacrificing efficiency. Feel free to get in touch with us to answer any questions.

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