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Opensky Data Systems

from: Ireland

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Since inception in 2004, Open Sky Data Systems has evolved to become one of the most pioneering IT solution companies in the Irish marketplace. We have the ability to equip businesses with innovative customised IT solutions and support services thus providing our clients with a path towards increased cost-efficiency, productivity and revenue optimisation. Open Sky has extensive experience in designing, building, implementing and supporting information management solutions. This expertise allows organisations to manage, analyse and report on critical aspects of their business data. The company offers value through excellence in technical design, a flexible, reliable, client-centred approach and high quality performance. We have clients in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Today, Open Sky are the premier providers of information management solutions for multiple sectors including: Public, Healthcare, Retail & Manufacturing, Transport, Food & Agricultural, Charities & Non-profit, Higher Education & Research and Financial.


Why should you be interested in a career with opensky?

  • Our Expert Team

We pride ourselves in employing skilled, capable and highly motivated technical experts who enjoy their work and are generous in sharing their knowledge with colleagues.

  • Technologies, Skills and Experience

Prospective employees will gain invaluable technical knowledge and experience through working on medium to large scale projects with our seasoned team of IT experts. They will also have the opportunity to work with a range of innovative technologies such as:

  • Business Intelligence – MSSQL 2008/2012, Data warehouse, SSAS, OLAP, Power Pivot, Sharepoint
  • Software Development – .NET 4.0, Java, Web Systems, Agile Development
  • Mobile Devices – Windows Mobile, Android, iOS
  • Databases – MSSQL 2008/2012


  • Training & Development

At opensky we believe in the development of each member of our team. Therefore we provide the necessary training and support to ensure that each employee is adequately equipped to complete their role and to progress in their career.