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JIMMY'Z Hotel & Resort, Gothenburg

from: Sweden

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Our vision is to create a destination bursting with experiences. A place where you are constantly met by new impressions, a place that offers experiences you want to share with different people and perhaps most importantly - a place where you have fun for several days. The feeling when you check out is the same as when you leave a big city - that you have not had time to experience everything and have to return.
JIMMY’Z is a part of ESS Group - "a house of brands" there are four strong restaurant concepts in the house along with five bars, a state of the art meeting facility and of course pool club & rooftop terrace.

We will be over 200 people in the team, all with different backgrounds and experience.
We are spread over a variety of departments, we work different times and with different tasks, but always together as a team. Together we realize the vision, take care of each other and our guests - that's how we create regular guests at JIMMY’Z.

Grand opening 1st of november 2022. 

Enjoy the show