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HubLearn is a Danish social enterprise that operates globally. We approach learning in a different way. We aim to upgrade local individuals and SMEs with less resources around the world by creating opportunities and jobs via sustainable, innovative and affordable learning projects.

HubLearn guides and supports the people and SMEs into the latest technology and prepares them for the demands of the future via reskilling, upskilling and on-the-job learning.

Talent is universal, but opportunities are not. With access to online learning resources and instruction, anyone, anywhere, can gain skills and transform their lives in meaninful ways. We aim to build a sustainable, inspirational, innovative and affordable learning platform for individuals and businesses around the world with less resources.

By guiding and creating access to free and low-cost learning & education, we seek to open doors of opportunity by knowledge-sharing, teaching, guidance, job creation and earning.

We aim to offer various programs across all categories (Tech, Business, School, Lifestyle, Pets & more) that will help and improve lives. For starters, we will be focusing on local CSR projects featuring AR/VR/360, E-Commerce (‘Local to Global’ campaign), Small Tech-Teaching Projects and Startup Tips. Later, we will be expanding into other areas. By designing learning experiences that mirror the way in which learners use technology – collaborative, on-demand, in bite-size pieces, wherever they are and at their convenience – we significantly increase the impact of the learning process.