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Energy Saving EOOD

from: Bulgaria

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Energy Saving EOOD is a consulting company established in 2005.
Areas of work:
Energy efficiency: Energy performance audit of buildings and certification of buildings; Inspection of boilers and air conditioning systems; Assessment of compliance of the part “Energy efficiency” of investment projects for new or existing buildings with the requirements for energy efficiency / art. 169, para 1, item 6 of the Spatial Development Act /; Issuance of certificates for design energy performance of new buildings before their commissioning; Energy efficiency audit of industrial systems; Energy efficiency testing of outdoor artificial lighting systems; Estimation of energy savings after implementation of ECM
Energy: Analysis and preparation for the entry of companies on the free electricity market in connection with the overall liberalization of the energy market; Consultations, preparation, protection and implementation of projects for production of electricity from RES - wind generators, small hydropower plants, photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, geothermal sources, installations for biogas production and others; Due diligence of RES - projects.
Examination under the Spatial Development Act: Technical inspection incl. surveying of existing buildings and preparation of technical passports of buildings and industrial sites.
Design: Investment design of energy efficiency measures.