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The Brainport Talent Centre
The Brainport talentBOX was developed by the Brainport Talent Centre. A programme in which Dutch companies, knowledge and educational institutions and governments work together to attract and retain scarce technological and IT talents. Examples of renown companies and institutions that are connected with the Talent Centre are ASML, Holst Centre, Bosch, NTS-Group and TNO.
“For the companies and organisations in the Brainport Talent Centre it is crucial to have the right human capacity,” says Brainport programmemanager Yvonne van Hest. “Without the right people, organisations cannot exist or grow. Furthermore the required professionals are very important for the Brainport region and the Netherlands to sustain a good economic climate and attract investors and foreign companies that want to settle here.”.

Other activities the Brainport Talent Centre uses to attract and retain talent are joint worldwide promotion and traineeprogrammes like Erasmus+. This is a programme that enables European students to accept an internship with a technical company in the Brainport region. After the internship chances are that the intern is offered a job.
In 2015 the Brainport Talent Centre also starts with the development of communities for tech and IT experts in different fields so that they can share their experience and knowledge and see what the Brainport region has to offer them.


Start your future here; , and register now!


In association with the leading technology employers in the Brainport region we are constantly working on creating employment opportunities for tech & IT professionals like yourself. Via this e-mail we want to provide you with a unique opportunity to present yourself to these employers by means of a personal profile page at, which is accessible after registering yourself. Once you’ve registered, you can easily apply for jobs or just have a look at all the interesting career opportunities. You can also use our special feature, the automatic match, which matches your details automatically with the vacancies in the talentBOX. It’s really fun to try!

Registering at gives you the following advantages:

  • Direct contact with leading Dutch technology employers
  • Saving time by using search engines and automatic match features
  • One overview of all active vacancies
  • Quick application procedures
  • Expanding your network





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