With us, you will find motivated hotel and restaurant professionals just when you need them most. We have the expertise of all the HoReCa – hotel, restaurant and catering – functions and our goal is to help hotel and restaurant industry grow and flourish with competent and motivated personnel.

Whether you are looking for reliable employees or aiming to develop your business and personnel, we have the solutions for your needs. At the heart of our expertise is finding motivated and skilled employees and experts.

We have operated in the staffing and recruiting of the hotel and restaurant industry since 1999 as Opteam that had specialized in hotel and restaurant staffing, joined to Barona in 2017. Our recruiters and specialist have a strong expertise and experience in the hotel and restaurant business in a variety of tasks and levels, so we know the requirements and challenges of the industry as our own pockets.

As the leading specialist of recruitment and staffing services of the hotel and restaurant industry, we are ready to challenge traditional business models and constantly seeking new opportunities and solutions for our customers. We have developed for example Raflateam coaching to meet the growing needs of the workforce and invested in the development of responsible international recruitment. We have recruited nearly 200 chefs from the Philippines to the kitchens of our client companies.

We provide HR services throughout the life cycle of the employment relationship and we have advanced digital solutions that we are constantly developing. Our goal is to make the hotel and restaurant industry more attractive to employees and raise the appreciation of hotel and restaurant work and industry to the level they deserve.

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Barona Lapland Office; lappi@barona.fi

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