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Bahía Software SLU

from: Spain

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Bahia Software was created in 1999 as a project to provide technological consulting services specialized in the health sector. The commitment made by innovation and investment in human capital have made possible the evolution of the company, expanding and diversifying the services provided and opening to new sectors of activity: private companies in the industrial, security, banking, public administration , Cultural organizations, etc.

What we offer?

We conceive technology as the key factor for improving the productivity of your organization. Our consulting service aims to detect your needs and integrate technology into your business model, facilitating your global management and all your communications.

How do we do it?

We have the agility and ability to integrate in your company. From within, we analyze the processes of your organization and each one of its departments. We analyze your needs and look for the most appropriate solutions, implanting the existing ones or developing them from scratch.

What part of the consulting process do we cover?

We make a diagnosis, detect their needs, propose solutions to cover them, develop the most appropriate systems and implement them. We provide support and attention to users, train them, detect new needs, improve solutions. We are at his side.