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Altreonic NV is a spin-off company focusing on safety and systems engineering, based on a unique yet straightforward approach. With headquarters in Leuven, Belgium,  Altreonic has a strong technology focus with a history in embedded and parallel real-time systems that goes back to 1989 whereby real-world experience in very divers domains was used to develop a formalised methodology, supported by integrating tools.

As such, Altreonic's activities cover: executing international R&D projects, developing tools and environments, embedded real-time software, custom engineering projects in which hardware as well as software are developed and providing consultancy in safety and systems engineering. A key project is an internally developed modular e-vehicle.

Software environments: OpenComRTOS Designer, VirtuosoNext, GoedelWorks.

Sector: Embedded systems, InternetOfThings, clean-tech, e-mobility.

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