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Taking Fun Seriously

We are a team of people who combine and develop our talents to create an experience of amazing moments.

In Acttiv we offer tourist entertainment services in Spain. We give young Europeans the opportunity to make a career in entertainment. We put together teams capable of starting up and running innovative holiday leisure programmes. We look at what holidaymakers want. And then we do even better.

We believe in people. It’s our central principle. That’s why we trust them. People who work at Acttiv, people who rely on Acttiv and people who come to Acttiv for their holidays.  Here are some of our commitments:

  • Tourist entertainer initiation training courses which allow us to train people with no related experience or training so that they can work with us.
  • Internal training to motivate promotion within Acttiv. We’ve got the best talent right here working with us and training gives these people opportunities. We do periodic courses for our entertainment leaders and those who work in other areas like Miniclub and sports.
  • Dual training, a system that has great success in northern Europe. We combine training with practical sessions, we want to prepare young people to join our teams and to be able to meet the challenges of the labour market. Since 2015 we’ve been working in collaboration with the Gredos San Diego college at its headquarters at Buitrago, Guadarrama and Las Suertes.
  • Training in collaboration with hotels or chains that request to work with us. We have agreements dating back more than five years with many of them.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR – we support social projects focusing on giving opportunities to very young people. Currently we donate a percentage of our annual profits in a school in Guatemala.

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