Our region crosses borders - Jobs in Saxony, Lower Silesia and Bohemia
05 September 2019

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Welcome to our European Online Job Day – “Our region crosses borders - Jobs in Saxony, Lower Silesia and Bohemia”

This event will take place online on Thursday, 05.09.2019, from 10:00 am - 03:00 pm CEST.

In the heart of Europe, the regions Saxony, Lower Silesia and Bohemia bring together the best of science, innovation, culture and spas from three nations, embedded in a unique, original natural landscape.

Our goal is to offer qualified jobseekers from all of Europe a place to get up-to-date information about “Living and Working” in Germany, Czech Republic and Poland, especially the crossborder region Saxony, Lower Silesia and Bohemia, knowing of different cultural, labour market and economic aspects.

Furthermore. we want to support jobseekers to find exciting and attractive job offers in our cross-border region. Our Online Job Day offers you attractive vacancies for workers, professionals, specialists, experts, leaders and managers. Additionally, a lot of interesting videos and presentations will be awaiting you on the day of the event, e.g. introductions of the most interesting jobs and the cross-border region. A complete overview of the presentations shown during the event will be soon available in the programme section.

If you are a well-trained and skilled professional, specialist or expert and want to relocate to the amazing cross-border region Saxony, Lower Silesia and Bohemia, than join us on and find the perfect job. Any questions? No problem! Qualified EURES Advisers from Germany, Czech Republic and Poland look forward to help you with all your questions.

You can browse through the job offers, you can chat with EURES advisers and ask all your questions about living and working and you can send your CV to registered employers.

To join us on 05.09.2019, you have to register on the European Jbob Days website. You will find a lot of exciting job offers some weeks beforehand – so take a look in advance – it will be worth it.

We are pleased to see you on 5 September 2019 via on the website and vie our live chat.

Employers from Saxony, Lower Silesia and Bohemia, this event offers the ideal opportunity to promote your recruitment needs throughout Europe. You have the chance to meet a wide range of jobseekers with different language skills, qualifications and experience.