1Zero BV

von: Netherlands

Who are we? 1Zero is a Dutch company operating with 20 FTE’s in the city center of Utrecht. Our core activity is to transform collected data into valuable and easy-to-understand information through professional data processing, unique visualization methods and customized IT solutions. Our organization has four main pillars: information analysis, software engineering, market research services and creative design solution. 1Zero is characterized by an interesting combination of young talents and experienced professionals who are closely working together on project bases. 1Zero supports well-organized synergies because it believes that sharing and cooperation are the key of a wealthy business. 1Zero holds an extended international relationship capital. What is our mission? We connect people by sharing knowledge and information. What is our vision? We believe that the quality of information is the most valuable asset as it is. Our vision is to deliver the right information at the right time. Our goal is to liberate our customers from the increasing data overload by expertly transforming it into valuable, enjoyable and easy-to-understand information. We have faith in the combination of innovation and simplicity. We are passionate about talents and the unlimited pleasure derived from our job. 1Zero is characterized by a variety of cultures. Authenticity and emphasis on each other's strengths and qualities are the foundation of our services; sharing with each other is the multiplier to find inventive and simple-to-use future solutions.