Career Makers

von: Italy

Career Makers Registerd Company since 1997 and we provide work contracts , work permits  with & without jobs all over the europe. .

We need workers for Lithuania , Poland , Czech Republic, Hungary , Latvia, Norway , Estonia, Sweden , Germany, Slovakia, Romania & Bulgaria. We need Intera_Eu workers as bulk quantities for EU Citizens as well as Non EU Can also apply for different jobs.

No nationality restrcitions. all over the world people looking for work and jobs in europe can apply. 

Lithuan   :   Quantity  1100   construction workers.

Hungary :   Quantity   900  Constrcution Workers.

Romania :  Quantity    900  Cars manufacturing plant, Meat Processing Plant, Hotel and resturent Workers.

Bulgaria  : Quantity     200 Workers  for Farm workers,  salesmen , construction, office work , information technology , packing workers, and many other trades.

Norway:    Quantity   60 Worker  for fish factories 20 factories in norway we need for workers.

Estonia,    Quantity   50 workers as riders.

Croatia       Quantity  200 constructon workers.

Sweden , Germany , Latvia , Czech republic and poland worker required for all trades and we need more than 5000 workers for these countries.

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