Elementary school teachers with a university degree is needed in the city of Malmö

by:  City of Malmö

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Welcome to Malmö!

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city and located in the southern part of the country – close to the continent and the rest of Europe. Jump on a train, and after a half an hour you are in Copenhagen.

Malmö is a diverse and booming city inhabited by a young crowd where almost half the population is under 35 years old. The cultural scene is vivid, and you can find art, music and food almost around every corner. It is a place for ambition, talent and big dreams.

In Malmö you are always close to nature – we have long beaches, 490 km bicycle paths, and the city is sometimes called “The City of Parks” because of the large number of parks.

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Make a difference – work in the municipality of Malmö’s elementary schools

The municipality of Malmö is the city’s largest employer with circa 26 500 employees. Our aim is to do our work every day with respect, engagement, and creativity. Together we create an ecological, economical, and socially sustainable city. Together we make a difference, for real.

The municipality’s elementary school administration consists of 80 schools, 6000 co-workers, and 35 000 pupils. Our mission is to create equal opportunities for each of our pupils to both succeed and achieve good results – we create the best school for each pupil.

We are currently looking for competent and curious teachers who wants to come and work with us in the elementary school. We work with pupils from preschool to ninth grade, as well as the after-school centre.

We are looking for teachers with a university degree who are trained and qualified. Both for the younger children 6-9 years and for those who are between 10-12 and the children who are between 13-15 years. We are also looking for teachers for our after-school centres.

We have a need for teachers who are qualified to teach mathematics, physics, modern languages ​​such as Spanish and French as well as English.

Start learning Swedish today. In the long run, when working with city of Malmö as a teacher the communication with colleagues and pupils will be in Swedish. 


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Please contact our development coordinator: Daniel Lindbladh / or visit our website

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