Nurses to work in Berlin (m/w/d) (Krankenschwester/-pfleger)

by:  Eures Deutschland – International Placement Services Berlin-Brandenburg

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Who we are:

We have been a health care provider with several locations in Berlin for more than 20 years. We care for the sick, elderly and helpless people at home, in day care centers and at the attached nursing home.

What are we looking for:

We offer a job in our home assistance. This means, that you support our clients -mostly elderly people- in their homes with:

  •  basic nursing (get washed, help to get up)
  •  treatment care (give medications, change dressings..)
  •  housekeeping (make breakfast, go shopping..)

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You should be:

  •  You should be a qualified nurse,
  •  have a driver´s license and enjoy driving in a big city
  •  have a knowledge of German at least at level B1 and fun to work with elderly people.

An accepted professional qualification in Germany would be perfect, but is not required.

There is the possibility to work as a nursing assistant, while we help you to get the German recognition of your nursing diploma.

Our strengths - Your advantages:

If you join us, we will:

  • support you with the German administrative procedure and all forms to fill in
  • help you to get a flat in Berlin
  • organize language courses in small groups
  • bring you in contact with People in a similar situation in Berlin
  • assist the recognition process of your diploma

We offer you:

  • a personal and professional outlook in Germany
  • a paid period of time until you have adjusted to the job´s requirements
  • an on time payment of salary
  • 24 days of paid vacation
  • a monthly contribution to the subway-ticket

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For applicants from abroad:

The International Services supports your job-seeking in Germany. We are a department of the German Federal Employment Agency. Our services are free of charge. Citizens of EU Member states may have the possibility to receive financial support (for example travel expenses, language course). For further information or assistance please contact us:
Please quote the following number, when contacting us

BB- 298

Para interesadas/os procedentes del extranjero:

El Internationale Personalservice (IPS) de la ZAV le ayuda en la búsqueda de empleo. Somos parte de la administración pública laboral. Nuestros servicios de asesoramiento son completamente gratuitos. Ciudadanos de la Unión Europea pueden solicitar, bajo cumplimento de ciertos criterios, ayudas a la movilidad (costes de viaje para entrevistas, cursos de idiomas, etc.). Estamos encantados de informarles. Para ello, escriban a:
Por favor, indique en caso de contacto el siguiente número

BB- 298