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Greitco Oy

van: Finland

Greitco was born to the business with technical talents and abilities far beyond the average. Our dedicated crew is here to tackle unproductive IT projects with their quick wit and hands on approach. With the best professionals and clients in the field, we strive for smarter business intelligence, more efficient organisations and up-to-date IT systems.

Greitco is a privately held Finnish IT Services and Solutions company. Our agile and innovative professionals have capabilities in various fields of IT industry. We possess world class experience in business and R&D process change as well as in commonly used technologies.

Our dedicated people continuously study new emerging technologies. These attributes make Greitco a valuable partner for companies of all sizes.


Our mission is to bring immediate business value to our customers in phased deployments whether it concerns business process change, solution renewal or IT technology upgrades. Regardless of the methodologies used, the scale or phase of the project, we can deliver high quality expertise to your challenges and aim to exceed your expectations.


Our vision is to provide world class operational efficiency for our customers without buzzwords… just results. We achieve this through industry best performance, leadership in innovation & technology and 21st century digital solutions.