Job summary

CTAG’s mission is to make automotive companies more competitive through the implementation of new technologies and the encouragement of research, development and innovation

This mission embraces four essential objectives:

  • To provide automotive companies with an efficient service to meet their present and future needs.
  • To develop capabilities to create quality and added value and ensure continuous improvement.
  • To act as a reference point and a guide in the latest development and technological innovation, by remaining at the forefront in its fields of specialty.
  • To contribute to the improvement of the sector’s technological skills

Research, development and innovation are all basic to the automotive industry. They are the necessary tools for ensuring a company’s competitiveness and its presence within the market.

CTAG offers automotive companies its resources, capabilities and know-how to strengthen their activity in R&D and Innovation, either for new products and new processes or for improving existing products.

Please take a look at areas of expertise in CTAG and apply for vacancies.

Work experience:
Work experience is required
Duur van de werkervaring:
Up to 1 year
  • English
  • Very good
  • French
  • Good
  • German
  • Good
  • Spanish
  • Good
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About company

El Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia, CTAG, es una entidad creada para ofrecer soluciones tecnológicas avanzadas al sector del automóvil. Apoya a las industrias del sector en general en su modernización y adaptación a las nuevas tecnologías en sus productos y procesos de fabricación, así como soporte tecnológico a nivel mundial. Los equipos de trabajo son multidisciplinares, equipos técnicos con distintos perfiles académicos para lograr ser más competitivos y con una gran capacidad de... Meer lezen