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van: Latvia

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VPR services at regional level:

1.  Ensuring the planning - organization and implementation of territorial development planning at the regional level, involving all stakeholders; issuing adjudgements on local planning documents;

2.  Representation of interests - representation of the regional development interests on the national and international levels;

3.  Support to development and partnership - organizing cooperation events, providing consultations, organizing project competitions, involvement of other regions and foreign partners, implementation of projects for local governments, NGOs, entrepreneurs and other groups;

4.  Provision of information – compiling statistical information, management of different kinds of research, compiling and publishing information on various current issues;

5.  Coordinating the work of local governments - promoting cooperation of local authorities by organizing events and ensuring successful work of the Development Council;

6.  Implementation of specific functions - strategy for the period - public transport planning in the region.