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Pietarsaari Jakobstad Region Development Company Concordia Ltd.

van: Finland

Welcome to the Pietarsaari - Jakobstad Region on the Finnish West Coast!

Jakobstad region has a strong global export market, 50 000 inhabitants, over 5 300 companies and more than 25 000 workplaces in a diversified field of enterprises. We've got both urban and rural living and never more than half an hour commuting-distances and the nature and archipelago always nearby. Life quality in a nutshell! We are a bilingual part of Finland and speaking both swedish (majority) and finnish (minority).  Here is a link to the larger companies for finding jobs or possibilities for open applications.

In the region you can find branches from machinery and equipment, paper, food, lyxury yachts and everyday boating through plastic and rubber to metal and abrasives. This also builds a diversified need for different kinds of services, ict and subcontracting.

From the region it´s no more than an hour by plane to metropolises and by train you will be in Helsinki in three hours.

Concordia is a regional development company owned by five municipalities on the west-coast of Finland. Our services includes recruitment coordination, regional development, business development and start-ups, project management, tourism and of course regional marketing and branding.

Companies from the region on this fair: Abilita, Social & Health-Care

Please contact us, and we will tell more about the charms of Pietarsaari - Jakobstad Region!

We will be available by Skype on from 11.

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