The Lusiaves Group is today an unavoidable reference in the agrifood sector. Under the motto “Frangamente Bom” its presence is felt in all areas of the business, from the production of corn to the manufacture of feed, to the production of hatching eggs, egg hatching and chick production, poultry poultry production. , field chicken and turkeys, poultry slaughter, food processing, storage and marketing culminating in the recovery of by-products. The Group is present today throughout the national territory, and also exports to over two dozen countries its 600 references. This presence throughout the line is assured today by more than 3,800 people, half of whom are part of the staff of the approximately 20 companies that make up the Group. The Lusiaves Family has not stopped growing, as a result of the strategic vision and ambition of its leader, Avelino Gaspar, who believes that the Group's great success “undoubtedly rests on people”.

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