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ZP Services ltd

from: Malta

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ZP services ltd was founded in 2008 in Malta. This is an outsourcing company. Specializing in the management of strategic activities such as selling financial services and the management of customer relations. Today, ZP services ltd, is a solid reality. Outsourcing its reason for being. The missions of the company are: Research for new customers and the creation of commercial networks abroad, applying an innovative model closely linked to sales results. The method and the tools used have evolved in step with the constant changes of the market and with the advent of new technologies applicable to the service. Our sales outsourcing services represent the most complete tool for the development of foreign markets, especially in the financial sector. Through the organization and management tools to support all business activities and on the basis of information developed during the strategic approach, our specialists, developed on behalf of the company the search for new customers and creating business networks structured initiating negotiations and finalizing sales as a direct effect on increasing turnover. The maximization of results, is guaranteed by the professionalism of a contact center that possesses the specialized know-how and wealth of experience decisive act successfully in various market segments.