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from: Belgium

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AERONAUTICA is a young and dynamic service society, specialized in transportation and energy. Passionate about technical expertise, we want to bring a new way based on trust to deal with our clients. Established in 2011 by two aerospace engineers, our society based in Brussels gives our clients the opportunity to work with skilled engineers, and provides new services. Our expert engineers, specialized in stress calculation, design and computational fluid dynamics, accompany businesses in their new technology development processes. Our research department delivers customized solution for their need to externalize. It will give them the ability, by submitting specifications, to get results faster, more precise, and cheaper.


AERONAUTICA recruits engineers excited about technical expertise, and engaged in the technology progress. Our employees are ambitious and want to on the cutting edge of their expertise. They like to deal with challenges, their determination and energy make our clients more efficient. Interested in learning more, they always want to improve themselves. AERONAUTICA wishes to attract the best talents and gives them the opportunity to get better and to maintain their expertise. Eventually, at AERONAUTICA, the engineer is a woman or a man above all. Our society believe in strong human values, as trust and honesty, to build the best working conditions and to provide the ability to its engineers to fulfill their ambitions.