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If you decided to study nursing because you like to help and make an impact on people’s health, you must know that this mission has no borders. If you have clicked on this post is because you are probably seeking:

Better salary conditions?
Experience abroad?
Professional stability?
Good life-work balance?
Professional growth?
If you answered yes to all the above, then this job opportunity is for you.

Working in the Netherlands can provide you the following:

An initial yearly salary of €26.866 – € 36.959 (before obtaining the Dutch nurse registration) or an initial yearly salary of €36.028 – €43.675 (after obtaining the Dutch nurse registration).
Guaranteed 18-month contract and professional job mentoring.
22.5 holidays and an 8.3% holiday bonus (full time – 36h).
A 32 – 36 hr/wk work schedule. Irregular hours are paid extra.
Free accommodation and meals during the Dutch language course at Academia Neerlandesa.
Cultural and professional experience.
A European network of nurses.

Requirements to work in the Netherlands as a nurse.

Nursing degree from an EU/EEA country.
EU/EEA nationality
Basic English knowledge.

About us

We are European Multi Talent Group (EMTG) a Dutch company with a mission to connect EU health professionals with Dutch health care. Since 2012 we have hired over 500 nurses and assistant nurses from over 10 different countries. In 2020, GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards named us the Best Nursing Staffing and Recruitment Company in the Netherlands.