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“Our philosophy is simple.The more you like something, the more you have the desire to do it. We are here to offer you the sports equipment which will give you the greatest possible satisfaction ...

WE ARE COMMITED ... ... to ensure for everyone the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.

WE ARE PROUD ... ... that our customers enjoy's a thrilling shopping environment.

WE PASSIONATE ... ... when we share with our customers our personal experiences and sports knowledge.

WE ENSURE ... ... that every customer gets the best advice according to his/her age, his/her abilities and his/her money.

WE SUPPORT ... ... our customers in their effort of pursuit sports....

WE ARE DEDICATED... offer the equipment and the products, ensuring the greatest possible satisfaction in sport....

At INTERSPORT we know how difficult finding your place at sport it is, that's why we have the enthusiasm, the advice and the right equipment to support you!

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INTERSPORT Athletics S.A, member of FOURLIS Group, is the exclusive franchisee of INTERSPORT trademark in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. In addition, it is the exclusive franchisee of The Athlete's Foot trademark for Greece and Turkey. Currently, we are looking to recruit new members for our 6 Stores in Cyprus. So if you want to belong to the most... Leggi di più