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Backend developer in ACT?

Hi there! You know you’re a great developer. But do you have any idea how powerful you are with your programming skills and that you can use them to literally make this world a better place?

In ACT, we have developed a scalable mobile marketplace for sustainable grocery shopping, which will empower consumers to start shopping sustainably almost overnight with the ACT app, changing the direction of their combined purchasing power towards producers who respect the environment and treat their workers well.

If your eyes widened and lit up a bit, read on!

What would be My role in ACT?

  • Together with our tech lead take responsibility for rewriting our backend system (microservice based architecture using Java Spring Boot and some Scala). We want something closer to monolith first, then monitor what needs scale, then break it up accordingly after launch. Some code can be reused and the deployment pipeline all the way to Amazon EC2 is handled well by our DevOps engineer so you can focus on core development. Since both iOS and Android clients are almost ready to launch, detailed ER diagram in sync with product development is ready and architecture diagrams to be used as inputs as you see fit are described you can get from 0 to MVP launch as fast as you want.
  • Further develop a scalable backend architecture in compliance with best development practices including migration from development infrastructure to a more scalable cloud infrastructure e.g. lambda based or similar.
  • Optimize deployment pipeline through CI, CD in collaboration with our DevOps engineer
  • Implement new great features
  • Help launch MVP of the ACT shopping list app
  • Next prepare launch to a larger market in Europe

What skills do I need to accomplish this?

  • 3-5 Years of experience with java development
  • TDD, CI, CD
  • Scrum based development
  • Plus with experience in:
    • Devops, linux commands/batch scripting
    • PostgreSQL (or current db)
    • RDF based Graph databases and scaling (our data scientists are working on the next db increment)
    • Lambda, Kubernetes
    • Development and production pipeline telemetry
    • Feature switching, trunk based development (or not)
    • Web development, React

 Why is working with ACT so awesome?

 For countless reasons, but let’s just name three of them:

  • Joining our team at the beginning of a fascinating journey means you’d simply have a say in what we do and how we do it and take ownership.
  • At the same time, you will get constant support, working hand in hand with our diverse and competent team.
  • And above all, you’d play a crucial role in the emergence of (possibly) the only tool that can realistically impact the future of the food production industry and thus mitigate global warming and change the lives of millions for the better. The best thing is that, due to the readiness and maintainability of our platform, this is something the right person would be able to take the lead on.

What am I like in your ideal-backend-dev fantasy?

  • Disciplined and self-driven (it’s not easy to come back from work and work again!), honest and generally good-hearted as hell (...)
  • A teamplayer building effective and fun relations with other people of diverse backgrounds, even when they’re on the other side of the Earth (or screen)
  • Enjoying remote work and flexibility of time and location
  • Fluent in English
  • Able to pay your bills and have a decent life with current stable job and devote at least 10 hours per week to ACT project without a salary (for the time being), paid in equity

Our offer:

  • Payment in equity that can be worth many times a normal salary provided all goes well, which you will be able to influence a lot
  • Salary as soon as seed funding is in place
  • Flexible working hours and location
  • Participating in a world-changing project with huge potential for environmental impact and return on investment
  • Democratic software company

What is your gut feeling telling you?

We know this offer may be peculiar and the no-money-yet aspect can be tough. We’ve all been there, and yet there we are around 20(!) people literally infected with ACT’s vision. If your heart (or gut) tells you “I want to be the next ACTer, I want to have my share (metaphorically and literally!) in this world-changing project” there’s nothing left but send us an email to, tell us what your heart told you about working with ACT and share your skills and portfolio to prove that you not only want, but also can.

You cannot imagine how much we’re looking forward to meeting you :)


ACT Team

How to apply:

Please send us your CV, a link to your portfolio, and a few words about yourself, why do you want to work with ACT, and your relevant previous experience. You can use the Submission Form below or drop us an email at with “Application for Back-end dev” in the title.

Questa offerta di lavoro è chiusa