Founded in 1977 (nearly celebrating its 40th anniversary), FCT-NOVA – Faculty of Science and Technology is located at the Caparica Campus, in Almada, a 10 minute-drive to the south of Lisbon (just crossing the bridge).

Organised in 14 disciplinary departments/sectors, it delivers a thorough educational offer to its nearly 8000 thousand students, including (almost 80) Bachellor-Degree, Postgraduate, Master, PhD and Advanced programmes in the following areas: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Materials Science, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Biomass Sciences and Technology, Informatics / Computational Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Conservation & Restauration and Applied Social Sciences.

The Faculty is engaged in extensive research activity, covering many fields of science and engineering and organized in 14 Research Centres which involve more than 1600 of its PhD and Master students. Some of these Centres are recognized internationally by their excellence and exceptional quality of scientific and experimental knowledge delivered. FCT partners with foreign universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Texas at Austin to offer some of its Advanced Study Programs.

Also the entrepreneurial drive of its students and graduates has led to many successful spin-offs that transfer knowledge to the market and help create value and social impact. Some of them are nowadays internationalized and present in many countries worldwide.

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