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UAlg Online Careers Fair
28 Noviembre 2019
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23 Noviembre 2019

5 days to go! Check the latest info... about participating companies

Hey there! Did you already check the companies joining UAlg Online Careers Fair?

You're having more than 40 (nearly 50) employers waiting for you! From Portugal, Germany, UK, Finland, Belgium, France,...

If your education and/or professional background lies within:

  • ICT (Programming, Data Analysis, Digital Marketing)
  • Customer Service, Shared Service Centres / BPO
  • Engineering & Consultancy
  • Tourism, Hospitality & Catering
  • Management, Economics & Finance
  • Sales, Marketing & Communication
  • Healthcare (Pharmacy, Nursing)
  • Real Estate
  • Car Maintenance & Repair

you're almost certain to find an employer interested in you!

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