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StaffPoint Oy

desde : Finland

The StaffPoint Group is a full-service HR house.

We at StaffPoint want to be at the vanguard of working life and help companies and their staff to renew themselves. Having been in this business since the 1970’s we have plenty of experience of getting the job done. StaffPoint’s strategy is to become a trendsetter in personnel services. The group comprises three business areas:

  • StaffPoint: Personnel services including StaffPoint Executive and StaffPoint Recruitment
  • Spring House: Training and coaching services
  • Saima Soft: Personnel-related information systems

StaffPoint’s turnover is 129 million euros (2016), and the group employs 350 persons. The group has offices in 14 localities in Finland and in one locality in Estonia and Spain. Each year, StaffPoint helps 15 000 persons find employment, Spring House meets 20 000 persons seeking training and Saima Soft’s software reaches 22 000 users. Organic growth of StaffPoint has continued and it has made some strategic company acquisitions and closed an agreement on strategic partnership with Randstad in 2016.