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Företagsutveckling i Lund

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AB Företagsutveckling in Lund is a development company in which we, through our expertise and experience, help individuals, businesses, organizations and educations to succeed. Competency of the company spans to over 10 years experience in both corporate organizational, educational, international and development-related issues. By being located in the Öresund region, we have gained valuable knowledge and insight on cross-border cooperation and the importance of multiculturalism. Our clients are VET-schools, universities, private organizations, government agencies, municipalities and individuals.

Our experience in organizational structures and development, recruiting, coaching and training has led to a large and constantly growing network of organizations and educational bodies in Sweden and Europe.

Experience and competence in the different areas has led to an increased understanding of how important the interaction between education and the world of work is and this is where we put our effort! A close relationship with our audiences and the role of an independent source of information for both students and companies in the country makes us a vital and obvious connecting link between them.

European projects:

Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility is one of the european projects we manage in which we enable fully financed placements abroad including matching, travel costs, accomodation, language courses, insurance and more. Our participants are swedish jobseekers.