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Everyone is welcome for a fun and exciting stay in our amazing winter world. Kirkenes Snowhotel opened in 2006, since then we are giving our guests a wonderful experience in one of Norways most beautiful surroundings. Snow is often described as something negative, when snow is falling in larger european or american cities society stops completely and traffic is in chaos.  We consider snow our friend, and we would like to show you different ways to enjoy winter and snow.
Kirkenes Snowhotel uses the snows insulating abilities. Snow is a very good insulator, when it is minus thirty degrees outside it will still be relative warm -5 degrees celsius inside the snowhotel. This special ability of the snow is also known by mother nature. The Ptarmigan makes caves in the deep snow during winter and the husky dogs let them self snow down to keep warm. We look forward to see you here this winter and show you some snowfun!