Silesian Forum of Career Services
The Forum was formed in 2000 as initiative of University of Silesia in Katowice, University of Economics in Katowice and Silesian University of technology in Gliwice. The structure is unformal, offers direct access for every career centre in the silesian voivodship.

The aims - internal

  • Exchange of experiences connected with career counselling for students and graduates.
  • Exchange of experiences and good practices in the area of cooperation with employers.
  • Cooperation in the area of making contacts with employers (mutual participation in the Career Fairs organized by particular universities)


The Silesian University of Technology is the biggest technical university in our region and one of the biggest in Poland, currently educating about 30 000 students on 14 Faculties in almost 50 engineering disciplines. We provide graduates of engineering who are ready to work as managers of Silesian industry and of enterprises far beyond our region. As an organization with big research and teaching potential we exert a stimulating impact on the growth of Silesia and Zagłębie and significantly contribute to the creation of the economy based on knowledge management.

Student Career Office of the Silesian University of Technology was created by a resolution of the Universitys Senate for professional activation of students and graduates. For fifteen years it has been fulfilling all its statutory objectives.
Student Career Office:
• provides students and graduates of the Silesian University of Technology with information on labour market and the possibilities to improve their professional competences,
• manages the database of students and graduates of the Silesian Technical University who are interested in finding a job,
• helps employers finding qualified candidates for vacancies and internships,
• offers students and graduates of the Silesian University of Technology career consulting.
To fulfill its statutory objectives, the Student Career Office of the Silesian University of Technology conducts the following activities:
• joint education with business representatives,
• information on postgraduate studies and special courses for the employees,
• cooperation with companies to give students the opportunity to realize their research projects(in the frame of bachelor, engineer, master thesis) in an enterprise, but also to broaden the thematic of courses or organize special workshops and modernize laboratories,
• putting online the data base of job offers, internships and potential candidates.

In case of questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us!; phone: (+48) 32 237 20 75, fax: (+48) 32 237 15 59

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Student career office (+48) 32 237 20 75