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Our dream is to be the Best Beer Company Bringing People Together for a Better World.

Supply is essential to realising that dream - it's where we combine safety, quality, service, efficiencies, innovation and growth to give us a competitive advantage across all of our brands. Throughout your career, AB InBev Supply is a place to lead, learn and develop technical, operational and cross-functional skills as we continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.


Why Supply?

Always improving, never settling for the status quo, our Supply team is responsible for the brewing, packaging and delivery of our great brands. It's where our search for constant improvement covers everything from improved sourcing to more efficient brewing. It's where we adapt to a constantly changing consumer market through innovation. It's where we make a big difference to our impact on the environment - reducing water use, waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Innovation is key to delivering our growth dream and the excellence performance programs that we implement in Supply ensure that we can deliver effective and sustainable results. In doing so, we never compromise on quality, or safety. 

Supply is a career where you can build your leadership, project and general management skills. It's where you can help us improve on what we already do well while introducing new ways to be the best so you'll need to be ready to progress quickly.


Our Breweries:


History of Samlesbury Brewery

Samlesbury brewery was built in 1972 and is the second largest AB InBev brewery in the UK, occupying 80 acres of the Lancashire countryside.

The brewery operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 363 days a year, employing approximately 260 people who work in the variety of departments including Brewing, Packaging, Technical Services, Logistics and Administration.

Brands brewed at Samlesbury include Budweiser, Stella Artois, Brahma, Bass and Boddingtons which are packed into kegs, cans and bottles across four packaging lines.

In a single day, Samlesbury brewery can produce 3.5 million bottles, 1.7 million cans and 17 thousand kegs which means the site's annual production capacity is approximately 2.5 million hectolitres per year. This is equivalent to more than 440 million pints.

In the summer of 2011, Samlesbury qualified to brew Budweiser, a significant achievement for our brewery. 

40 years of brewing was celebrated in 2012...

In 2012, Samlesbury brewery celebrated its 40th anniversary by arranging a dinner dance for colleagues. 


History of Magor Brewery

The Magor brewery was built in 1979 and is the largest AB InBev brewery in the UK, occupying 50 acres in the county of Monmouthshire, Wales.

The brewery currently employs 290 people across 6 departments (ES, Quality Compliance, Brewing, Packaging, Engineering & Logistics) and operates 24/7, 362 days a year.

At Magor we produce two of AB InBev's global brands, Budweiser and Stella Artois, as well as other leading local brands.

In a single day, Magor brewery can produce 2 million bottles, 1.8 million cans and 13 thousand kegs and our annual production capacity is circa 4.7 million hectolitres; this is the equivalent of about 792 million pints.

In 2014, Magor brewery celebrated its 35th anniversary and the brewing of 100 million hectolitres, a landmark that was celebrated with the unveiling of a golden plaque in presence of Jessica Morden, MP.

Magor Brewery Timeline

  • 1979 Site built, Keg Line only
  • 1981 Can Line 1 installed
  • 1989 Can Line 2 installed
  • 1995 Can Line 1 modified for draught flow capability
  • 2001 Brewstream 2 added and pre-runs installed
  • 2004 Bottle Line 1 installed
  • 2006 VPO qualification
  • 2007 Bottle Line 2 installed
  • 2009 VPO Zone Champions, 3rd place in World Excellence
  • 2010 Bottle Line 3 installed, Budweiser approval


Career Options:

We have opportunities across our specialisms including: (



Technical Services




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