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We Are saying NO to jobs that are draining every bit of happiness out of you and YES to emphatic work culture, wellbeing and well earned appreciation of the professional you are! Do you want to be there developing the whole industry so that tomorrow is always even more wonderful than today?


Our goal is to make our friends’ lives more enjoyable by making better choices as an employer every single day. We cannot do this without staff dedicated to this change. That is why we are looking for some “gem experts” with whom we can grind the hospitality industry into a sparkling diamond.The service staff are definitely in a key position to make this happen. So we are looking for some energetic and initiative MVP’s to join in our ranks. We offer you, not just a job but development oriented company culture and our fantastic crew of hospitality professionals. We understand that our future team members may be in different phases of their lives and even though we would LOVE to work with you full time, we are also able to offer you hourly contracts that suit you better. 


So, what does Story’s MVP look like? 

- You think fast on your feet and can hold a tray no problem

- You are at your best hosting our customers and your smile stays as radiant as ever even in the busiest moments

- You know your coffee and wines and want to learn more about them continuously

- You are eager to develop your skills and your hunger to succeed in your work tasks only grows stronger

- You are a flexible and loyal team player ready to help your work friends when needed

- You enjoy a professional work community where everyone is allowed to be exactly who they are. 

- You bring your ideas forward and look for better ways to work

- You are passionate about constantly learning new things and seeing opportunities around you instead of challenges. 

- You have loads of common sense and consider yourself a problem solver. 


You get to work in all of our Story restaurants in Helsinki and your contract starts upon agreement. Each employee has their own home unit, but there are also shifts at our other restaurants as needed. In addition to normal service work, the job involves opening and closing the restaurant with cash register settlement, and this requires prior experience and understanding of the restaurant industry. If you are a newcomer in the industry, no worries, we’ll guide you through it. 


At work, we live by our values ​​every day and we also hope that you will strongly identify with these:


We Are Passionate: We believe we can have a positive impact on our friends' lives by making their life more enjoyable. We see our work as a calling and this calling requires passion from all of us. We put our hearts out in everything we do, we don't settle for mediocrity and we run the extra mile when needed. Working with passion is never an excuse for bad behavior. 

We Are Curious: We love to challenge the ordinary and hate to settle with the obvious. Our world is filled with opportunities and possibilities, obstacles and restrictions should never be the first things on our minds. To us curiosity means openness towards "new" and "change". We should constantly find ourselves asking: " What if? Why not? Could this work?" 

We Are Professional: We know our work. But as professionals we also know that we can and must be even better tomorrow: as an individual, as a team as a restaurant concept. We seize all learning opportunities actively and with enthusiasm. We all have been rookies at some point of our lives and we've all needed help from others to grow. For us it's an honor to coach a friend to the next level.

We Are Daring: We dare to challenge the ordinary by trying new and unknown. Some of our experiments are successes and others become failures. If we never fail, we haven't been daring enough. We are open and frank in all interactions and don't shy away from problems that need to be solved. Caring about a co-worker, a customer or a company is a daring act. We dare to care, a bit more than usual. 

We Are Friends: At the end of the day, we are a group of friends. As friends we cheer, encourage and defend each other. We even say the ugly truth when needed. In our group there are all kinds of people. We embrace our differences and encourage each other to show their personalities. Above everything, we are loyal to each other, our team and committed to what we want to achieve together. 


Still up for it? Great! We offer you a spot in our lively restaurants with amazing co-workers, supportive team leaders and just the right amount of challenge. Join in on an adventure of a lifetime and apply now!


List of restrictions that apply to this job offer:

Please note that to be eligible for this job, you need a valid resident permit and a work visa for the EU. If you are an EU citizen, you are free to work within the EU without a separate work visa.

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