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Looking for jobs in Norway requires at least good English skills – but in most cases Norwegian skills, and then a good dictionary or translation tool.
You should first of all read carefully the information that NAV – The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration – has gathered for foreign job seekers on Work in Norway and 
Another useful website to read is, “New in Norway”. It contains lots of valuable information about the public services in Norway (moving to Norway, children and schools, health, taxation, etc)
The official guide Work In Norway gives you a step by step guidance for registering in Norway.  

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Where are the available workers?



Where are the available jobs?



The registered vacancies available in February 2020 are found mainly in the following sectors:

  • Nursing and healthcare 3824
  • Education 2572
  • Building, construction and craft 2338
  • ICT 1057
  • Sales and service 2716
  • Transport 738
  • Tourism and food 964
  • Industry and production 1622
  • Education 3225

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Where to find the jobs
The easiest way if you don’t speak Norwegian is to search for jobs on the EURES portal Indeed, all the job vacancies published by NAV are listed on this portal. You can then use the search function in your own language and access the job vacancies. Check first the job vacancies “with EURES flag”, as 
You can also access job vacancies in English which are listed on the NAV website Use “english” as key word search.


Short overview of the labour market:

Population: 5 367 580 (4.q/2019)

In February 2020 there were  65 400 unemployed persons in Norway.. The unemployment rate is 2.3% of the labour force. 

The number of available vacancies at in March 2020 is 15.662 with in total 33.489 positions.  (The numbers are changing every day)

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Hot jobs:

What is the demand for workers?
Health care: nurses and specialized nurses (theatre nurses, intensive care nurses …); doctor specialists (mental health, substance abuse treatment, neurology, rheumatology, internal medicine, radiology…); pharmacists; optometrists.
Tourism: cooks and chefs (season and permanent), waiters/waitresses
(season), hotel workers (season)
Construction and civil works: 
Carpenters; electricians; drivers of construction engines and cranes; roofers plumbers.
Engineers (water and water treatment; civil works: roads, tunnels, bridges, railway; HVAC)
Services: Car mechanics, heavy vehicle mechanics, construction engines mechanics
Education: pre-school teachers; vocational education teachers
IT: system developers, programmers
NB! Please note that most of these professions require a good knowledge of the Norwegian language, especially those which require a contact with customers, children/students or patients.
Looking for work
We recommend that you register your CV on the EURES portal, where Norwegian employers are likely to be looking for European candidates.

1) The health sector:

- Nurses

- Specialised nurses

- Pharmacists

- Optometrists

- Doctors

2) Hotel and tourism

- Chefs 

- waiters (sesonal)

3) Education and Reserch:

- Teachers and pre shool teachers

4) Transportation

- Bus drivers

5) Building and construction

- All kind of crafts people like carpenters plumbers, roofers, scaffaolders, electricians...



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