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Touhula StarLight is an English-speaking daycare centre located in Vattuniemi, Lauttasaari working under the umbrella chain of companies Touhula Varhaiskavastus Oy in Finland.  Our daycare centre provides a safe learning environment where children can work on their interaction skills through games, stories, rhymes and songs. Many of our personnel is English-speaking, which advocates our bilingual theme. In addition to Early Childhood Education and Care we also offer pre-primary education in English.

Our facilities are divided into different rooms designated for different activities, for example crafts and exercise. The Veijarivuori park and beach are daily available for the daycare attendees. In addition to this, we venture the nearby forests and hills.

Field trips are a frequent addition to our weekly schedule. Our destinations vary from libraries to different museums and other destinations provided by the city of Helsinki. Every once in a while we go climbing in Salmisaari Kiipeilyareena and for gym clubs in Taitoliikuntakeskus.

Our regular daycare activities include also weekly clubs that complement our daycare activities. We keep clubs for e.g. science, music and dance, and the clubs are available for our children to participate in terms of their interest.

The multilingual and multicultural environment encourages kids to explore and understand new perspectives and world views. We offer dual language immersion, and fully foreign-language groups. We are happy to see the children become global citizens with an open mind and a big heart.

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Qualified Early Years Education teacher

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We are looking for teachers in early childhood education in our bilingual and english speaking units in Helsinki and Espoo. We are looking for personels with not only competence in this field, but the ability and desire to develop new ideas and show a high level of innovation. The persons selected must also, through personal engagement and interpersonal skills have... Leer más