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Inova-Ria - Companies Association for an Innovation Network, is a non-profit organization in Aveiro, Portugal, that aims to create and strengthen an Information & Communication Technologies and Electronics Cluster.

Inova-Ria is crucial to the innovation ecosystem formed by companies, universities and research and development institutions in ​​those technologies and currently plays an active role promoting and building collaborative efforts.

This association has been recognized as the Portugal’s Center Region entity that connects a valuable set of intensive technology companies, start-ups, small and medium enterprises and also some large companies. This diversity has a high potential for creativity and enterprise competitiveness, mostly because through this “Innovation Network” it’s possible to build up collaborative strategies that add more value to businesses. The younger companies have been assuming a leading role as changing forces through the creation of novel products, services and innovative business models, thereby contributing to our rejuvenation.

European Job Days

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Ofertas de trabajo

Web Programmer

Presentada por:  Inova-Ria
Lugar de trabajo: Portugal
Context Role: Web Development Activities: develop an application (in web environment) for internal management of our consultants' allocation and our projects, that intends to control basically the following (in a friendly environment, easy for users and very visual) Skills: Programming and Data Management Location: Aveiro Regime: Full-Time Format: Presential Education: Bacharel Eligible for IEFP intership programming Leer más

Java Programmer

Presentada por:  Inova-Ria
Lugar de trabajo: Portugal
Context Role: Java Programmer Activities: Software development for telecommunications network management platforms. Skills needed: Java Education: Graduation Regime: Full time Work format: Presential Compensation Offer: to be defined Leer más

Senior Research (Electronics/Circuits Design)

Presentada por:  Inova-Ria
Lugar de trabajo: Portugal
Context Activities: - Lead and conduct R&D&I activities in the field of electronic circuit design and simulation; - Work in multidisciplinary teams, with elements with an academic and industrial profile; - Collaborate with industry and academia to apply research results and develop new techniques, products or practices; - To design or help design new research proposals/products and submit proposals for... Leer más

Estágios Curriculares e Profissionais Extracurriculares

Presentada por:  Inova-Ria
Lugar de trabajo: Portugal
Se procuras um tema para a tua tese de dissertação de mestrado ou licenciatura, queres ter uma primeira experiência remunerada numa empresa reconhecida nacional e internacionalmente enquanto acabas os teus estudos, queres aprender e ser acompanhado por um orientador com expertise na área de teu interesse e pretendes garantir um excelente resultado final, não podes deixar passar esta oportunidade! Consulta... Leer más